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Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith, state legislator.


  • Smith, Tommy was born on December 15, 1950.

  • Career

    • Delaware Democratic National Convention, 1968. Georgia state representative District 152, 1978—1992. Georgia state representative District 169, 1993—2002.

      Chairman Legislature & Congressional Reapportionment Committee. Member appropriations & health & ecological committee. House representative Georgia.

      Georgia State Republican District 129, 2003—2004. Georgia State Republican District 168, since 2004.


    The commitment of individual Christians to work for social and political change should be recognized as a fully legitimate form of Christian discipleship.

    Party affiliation: Democrat


    The objective people wish to attain is not merely to be saved from something. God wishes his children to be saved to something.


    The word of God can be discovered only through the Bible.

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    Born December 15, 1950
    (age 66)