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Enkhsaikhan Jargalsalkhany

Enkhsaikhan Jargalsalkhany, Mongolian diplomat.


  • Jargalsalkhany, Enkhsaikhan was born on September 4, 1950 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Came to the United States, 1996. Son of Bayaryn Jargalsaikhan and Martha Tserengyin.

  • Education

    • Doctor of Laws, Moscow State Institute International Relations, 1979.


    • Secretary legal department Ministry Foreign Affairs, Ulaanbaatar, 1974-1979. Secretary Permanent Mission Mongolia to United Nations, New York City, 1979-1986. Acting head legal and policy planning departments Master of Fine Arts, Ulaanbaatar, 1986-1988.

      Minister, counsellor Mongolian Embassy, Moscow, 1988-1992. Advisor President Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, 1992-1993. Executive secretary National Security Council Mongolia, 1993-1996.

      Ambassador Permanent Mission Mongolia to United Nations, New York City, since 1996.



    Reading historical books, learning about other countries and cultures.


    • Married Batgerel Budjavyn. Children: Ouyanga, Solongo, Bayarsaikhan, Narangerel, Sarangerel, Ariun.
    • father: Bayaryn Jargalsaikhan
    • mother: Martha Tserengyin
    • spouse: Batgerel Budjavyn
    • children: Ouyanga Jargalsalkhany
    • Solongo Jargalsalkhany
    • Bayarsaikhan Jargalsalkhany
    • Narangerel Jargalsalkhany
    • Sarangerel Jargalsalkhany
    • Ariun Jargalsalkhany
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    Born September 4, 1950
    (age 67)