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William Bertrand Hussey,

William Bertrand Hussey,, British public policy executive.


  • Hussey,, William Bertrand was born on January 5, 1950 in Hertford, England. Son of William Bertrand and Fredricka (Boone) Hussey.

  • Education

    • Student, San Jose State College, 1969-1970.


    • Member, California State Office Economics Opportunity, 1970-1974;director operations, Sequoia Institute, 1975-1979;deputy regional director, Reagan Presidential Campaign, 1980;assistant finance director, 50th American President Inaugural, 1981;special assistant to Assistant Secretary Commerce, 1981-1985;executive director, V.P. Bush's Fund for American's Future, 1986-1989;senior vice president public policy, Hill & Knowlton, 1990-1992;president, Bill Hussey & Associations, since 1992.


    • Married Laura Cambiaso, May 7, 1978 (divorced February 1985). Married Kim Snowden, December 23, 1994. 1 child, William Snowden.
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    Born January 5, 1950
    (age 67)