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Natsagiin Bagabandi

Natsagiin Bagabandi, president of Mongolia.


  • Bagabandi, Natsagiin was born on April 22, 1950 in Zavkhan, Mongolian People's Republic. Son of Mendiin Natsag and Rashjamtsyn Dogoo.

  • Education

    • Certified, Technology College, Leningrad, Russia, 1972. Diploma in Food Technology, Institute Food Technology, Odessa, Russia, 1980. Diploma in Social Sciences, Academy Social Sciences, Moscow, 1987.


    • From mechanic to engineer Food Factory, Mongolian People's Republic, 1972-1975. Chief department Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party Committee, Central Province, 1980-1984, advisor, lector central committee Ulaanbaatar, 1987-1990, from secretary to deputy chairman, 1990-1992. Member of Parliament, chairman, speaker Mongolian State Great Hural Parliament, from 1992.

      President, Commander in chief armed forces, chief national security Mongolia, 1997—2005. Member conference Ruling Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party. Chairman executive council Mongolian Parliamentarian Group, Ulaanbaatar, since 1992, ACH/Ulaanbaatar, 1992-1996.



    Collecting feature books, theater, amateur sports, national wrestling.


    • Married Azadsurenguin Oyunbileg, March 5, 1970. Children: Bagabandiin Bayarma, Bagabandiin Batbayar.
    • father: Mendiin Natsag
    • mother: Rashjamtsyn Dogoo
    • spouse: Azadsurenguin Oyunbileg
    • children: Bagabandiin Bayarma Bagabandi
    • Bagabandiin Batbayar Bagabandi
    Natsagiin Bagabandi
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    Born April 22, 1950
    (age 67)


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      • Mongolia is still a country with underdeveloped economy. The annual increment of the production here is only 3%, not to say anything about the inflation (44% per year). The main agricultural sector is still livestock farming. Nevertheless, analytics notice some changes to the best: maybe not a significant, but still a growth of the foreign investments, that has to do with the President’s urge to create an effective tourist infrastructure, extension of the private capital sector, attempts to make the economy market-oriented, creating the conditions for development of the small and middle business. Concerning the foreign policy, there are two main components: friendship consolidation with the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. Besides that the President repeatedly initiates development of the relations with Japan, the FRG and the United States of America.
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      • Bagabandiin Bayarma Bagabandi
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      • Bagabandiin Batbayar Bagabandi
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      • Rashjamtsyn Dogoo
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      • Mendiin Natsag
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