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Jean-François Marie Michel Cordet

Jean-François Marie Michel Cordet, Vietnamese government official of Martinique. Decorated chevalier Ordre National Legion Honor.


  • Cordet, Jean-François Marie Michel was born on May 4, 1950 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Son of Francis and Jacqueline (Proisy) Cordet.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts in Public Law, University Paris I. Diplome private law, University Paris II. Diplome in political science, University Paris IX.

      Student, l'École National d'Administration, 1978.


    • Civil administrator Ministry of Interior, 1978. Agent Department Overseas Ters., 1978-1979, bureau head, general economy and planning, 1979, cabinet director to director political, administrative and finance affairs, 1979-1981, technical consultant to cabinet of secretary of state, 1981-1983, deputy cabinet director, 1988, Department Cooperation and Development, 1983-1984. Head Mission of Cooperation and Cultural Activities, Dakar, Senegal, 1984-1986.

      Sub-prefect St.-Dizier, 1986-1988. Secretary-general Department Regional Affairs of Middle Pyrennes, 1988-1991. Sub-director prefectoral corps and civil administrators Ministry of Interior, 1991-1992.

      Prefect of French Guyana, 1992-1994. Prefect of Martinique, 1995-1998. Prefect of l'Aisne, 1998—2000.

      Prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle, 2000—2004. Prefect of Seine Saint Denis, 2004.



    Tennis, skiing, sailing.


    • Married Marie-Hélène Ternisien. Children: Justine-Fiona, Ambre-Aurélie, Solène-Maèlis, Angelique Madinina.
    • father: Francis Cordet
    • mother: Jacqueline (Proisy) Cordet
    • spouse: Marie-Hélène Ternisien
    • children: Justine-Fiona Cordet
    • Ambre-Aurélie Cordet
    • Solène-Maèlis Cordet
    • Angelique Madinina Cordet
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    Born March 4, 1950
    (age 67)