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Charles William Blunt

Charles William Blunt, government official. Member American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (chief executive officer since 1990).


  • BLUNT, Charles was born on January 19, 1951. Son of late R. S. G. Blunt.

  • Education

    • Degree in economics, University Sydney, Australia.


    • Accountant, administrator Finance Corporation Australia, Livestock and Grain Producers Association New South Wales, Australia. Executive director, general secretary National Party New South Wales, 1980-1984. Member Australian Parliament, 1984-1990.

      Shadow minister for sport, recreation and tourism, 1984-1987. Shadow minister for community services, 1987-1988. Shadow minister for transport and aviation, 1988-1989.

      Leader National Party, shadow minister for trade and resources, 1989-1990.


    Member American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (chief executive officer since 1990).



    Gardening, reading, sailing, tennis.


    • Married.
    • father: R. S. G. Blunt
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    Born January 19, 1951
    (age 66)


    Olga Borisik

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