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Inez Moore Tenenbaum

Inez Moore Tenenbaum, American federal agency administrator, former school system administrator. Named one of The 100 Most Powerful Women in District of Columbia, Washingtonian magazine, 2009. Founder South Carolina Center Family Policy.


  • Tenenbaum, Inez Moore was born on March 8, 1951 in Hawkinsville, Georgia, United States.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science in Education, University Georgia, Athens, 1972. Microsoft Security Essentials in Education, University Georgia, Athens, 1974. Juris Doctor, University South Carolina Law School, Columbia, 1986.


    • Teacher Elementary School. Director research South Carolina House of Representatives, 1977-1983. Attorney Sinkler & Boye, P.A., Columbia, South Carolina, 1986-1992.

      Superintendent South Carolina Department Education, 1999—2007. Chairman United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, Bethesda, Maryland, since 2009.


    God, who is heard throughout the Bible, calls for justice for the widows, orphans and aliens who were oppressed by the powers of the day. Therefore the involvement in political life is something that Christians should not avoid.

    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Our faith rests not on our own feelings, but on the promises of a faithful God.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Responsibility for parenting is to encourage social, economic, and religious efforts to maintain and strengthen relationships within families in order that every member may be assisted toward complete personhood.


    Founder South Carolina Center Family Policy.


    • Married Samuel J. Tenenbaum.
    • spouse: Samuel J. Tenenbaum.
    Inez Moore Tenenbaum
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    Born March 8, 1951
    (age 66)