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Lorraine Cynthia Johnson

Lorraine Cynthia Johnson, American pediatrics nurse. captain United States Air Force Reserve, 1979-1999.


  • Johnson, Lorraine Cynthia was born on July 4, 1949 in New York City. Daughter of Richard and Laura (Johnson) Henrie.

  • Education

    • Licensed Practical Nurse, Trident Technology College, Charleston, South Carolina, 1980. Registered Nurse, Associate of Applied Science, Edna McConnell Clark, New York City, 1986.


    • Pediatricians nursery level I and II obstetrics-gynecology Allied Medical Staffing, North Charleston, South Carolina, since 1999.


    The state should not use its authority to promote particular religious beliefs, nor should it require prayer or worship in the public schools. However, the state should leave students free to practice their own religious convictions.

    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Having created, God did not withdraw the divine presence or activity, but remained fully knowledgeable of and engaged with the world. This engagement includes revealing God and God's ways.

    Denomination: Baptist


    Some personalities are difficult to manage, especially if they are prone to despair. Do not give up on a search of the paths of God, and the sense of joy and assurances you are looking for will be received.


    Captain United States Air Force Reserve, 1979-1999.



    Sewing, arts and crafts, knitting, reading.


    • 1 child, Tanya Elizabeth.
    • father: Richard Henrie
    • mother: Laura (Johnson) Henrie
    • child: Tanya Elizabeth Johnson
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    Born July 4, 1949
    (age 68)