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Elizabeth Gray Vining

Elizabeth Gray Vining, American author. Decorated 3d Order Sacred Crown Japan, 1950; recipient Skinner award Women's National Book Association, 1954.


  • Vining, Elizabeth Gray was born on October 6, 1902 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Daughter of John Gordon and Anne (Iszard) Gray.

  • Education

    • AB, Bryn Mawr College, 1923. Master of Science in liberal studies, Drexel Institute of Technology, 1926. Doctor of Letters, Drexel Institute of Technology, 1951.

      Doctor of Letters, Tufts College, 1952. Doctor of Letters, Douglas College, 1953. Doctor of Letters, Women's Medical College Philadelphia, 1953.

      Doctor of Letters, Lafayette College, 1956. Doctor of Letters, University North Carolina-Greensboro, 1968. Doctor of Humane Letters, Russell Sage College, 1952.

      Doctor of Humane Letters, Haverford College, 1958. Doctor of Humane Letters, Western College Women, 1959. Doctor of Humane Letters, Cedar Crest College, 1959.

      Doctor of Humane Letters, Moravian College, 1961. Doctor of Humane Letters, Wilmington College, 1962. Doctor of Humane Letters, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, 1966.

      D.Ed., Rhode Island College Education, 1956.


    • Tutor to Crown Prince of Japan, 1946-1950. Vice president board trustees Bryn Mawr College, 1952-1971, vice chairman board directors, 1952-1971.


    • Mr. Whittier
    • A biography of the nineteenth-century Quaker poet stressing his deep involvement in abolition, women's suffrage, and other human rights, with emphasis on the articles and poems he wrote in defense of his beliefs.
    • Virginia Exiles
    • During the Revolution, a group of Pennsylvanians, most of them members of the Society of Friends, were banished to Virginia because they refused to subscribe to a loyalty oath.
    • The Taken Girl
    • An orphan girl taken on as helper in a Quaker household that includes John Greenleaf Whittier becomes involved in the anti-slavery movement in Philadelphia.


    • Married Morgan Fisher Vining, Jan 31, 1929 (deceased 1933).
    Elizabeth Gray Vining
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    • 1923
      Bryn Mawr College
    • 1926
      Drexel Institute of Technology
    • 1951
      Drexel Institute of Technology
    • 1952
      Tufts College
    • 1953
      Douglas College
    • 1953
      Women's Medical College Philadelphia
    • 1956
      Lafayette College
    • 1968
      University North Carolina-Greensboro
    • 1952
      Russell Sage College
    • 1958
      Haverford College
    • 1959
      Western College Women
    • 1959
      Cedar Crest College
    • 1961
      Moravian College
    • 1962
      Wilmington College
    • 1966
      International Christian University
    • 1956
      Rhode Island College Education
    • 1946 - 1950
      Tutor to Crown Prince of Japan
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