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Sarina Wasserman-Gwirtzman

Sarina Wasserman-Gwirtzman, American speech and language pathologist. License speech pathologist New York.


  • Wasserman-Gwirtzman, Sarina was born on May 13, 1944 in Bronx, New York, United States. Daughter of Paul Joseph and Jean (Weinstein) Wasserman.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Hunter College, 1966. Master of Arts, City University of New York, 1970. Postgraduate, City University of New York, 1979.

      Postgraduate, Yeshiva University, 1974. Postgraduate, Hoffstra University, 1975. Postgraduate, Mary Mount University, 1976.


    • Speech-language therapist Bureau Speech Improvement, New York City, 1966—1969. Co-director media unit, 1972—1978. Special project speech coordinator Grade School District 7, Bronx, 1969—1970.

      Chief speech-hearing-language pathologist Department Defense North Atlantic Treaty Organization Schools, Keflavik, Iceland, 1970—1971. Speech-language trainer Special Education Training and Resource Center, New York City, 1978—1982. Program coordinator Citywide Speech Unit, since 1982.

      Private practice speech-language pathology, since 1970. Instructor overseas division University Maryland, Keflavik, 1970—1971, Manhattan Community College, New York City, 1972. Consultant New York League Hard of Hearing, 1972—1982, New York State Education Department, Albany, since 1978, South Westchester-Boards of Cooperative Educational Services, Ardseley, New York, since 1980, Westchester County Medical Center, since 1984.

    Major achievements

    • License speech pathologist New York.


    • Contributor articles to professional journals.


    Fund raiser Concerned Individuals, Veterinary Council, New York City, 1978—1983. Election monitor Village Indiana Democrats, 1976, 1980. Observer, writer Whale Rescue-Ocean Rescue, Trinity, Newfoundland, 1981.

    Member of United States Power Squadron, Hearing and Language Association, New York City Speech, Hearing and Language Association (delegate New York State Schools since 1986), New York State Speech, Language and Hearing Association, American Speech, International Wine Club.


    • Married Burton Gwirtzman Wasserman-Gwirtzman, August 27, 1985.
    • father: Paul Joseph Wasserman
    • mother: Jean (Weinstein) Wasserman
    • spouse: Burton Gwirtzman Wasserman-Gwirtzman
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    Born March 13, 1944
    (age 73)