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Susan Ann Adubato

Susan Ann Adubato, American psychologist, children's program director. Licensed psychologist, New Jersey; certified for assessment of newborns, certified in interdisciplinary studies. Grantee Rutgers Health Care Grant, New Jersey, 1989.


  • Adubato, Susan Ann was born on August 20, 1954 in Newark. Daughter of Michael C. and Angela Antonia (DiFino) Adubato.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts in Psychology, University Nebraska, 1978. Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Northern Illinois University, 1984.


    • Teaching assistant Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, 1980-1982. Intern, research associate University Nebraska MCRI, Omaha, 1982-1984. Research associate Boy's Town Institute, 1983-1984.

      Clinician-infant toddler parent program Community Mental Health Center, University Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey, Newark, 1984-1986, coordinator infant toddler parent program, 1986-1989, director infant toddler parent program, 1989-1990. Member departments psychiatry and pediatrics University Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey, since 1986, director Project B.A.B.I.E.S., since 1990. Consultant for various social service agencies, New Jersey, since 1984.

      Private practice child psychology, since 1984. Co-founder, vice president Baby CAMS Video Production Company, New Jersey, since 1985. Co-founder, president New Jersey Association for Infant Mental Health, since 1990.

      Member advisory committee Teen Progress, 1988-1990, Teen Power House, since 1988, New Jersey Adoption Advisory Committee, since 1987. Member advisory committee infant specialist program Rutgers University, 1986-1991.

    Major achievements

    • Licensed psychologist, New Jersey. Certified for assessment of newborns, certified in interdisciplinary studies.


    • Author, scriptwriter, producer (videos) The Little Babies That Could, 1986, The Little Premies That Could, 1989. Contributor articles to professional journals.


    Member American Psychological Association, National Center Clinical Infant Programs, Society for Pediatric Psychology, Child Clinical Psychology, Association for Orthopsychology, ParentCare Inc., National Black Child Development Institute, Association for Children in New Jersey, Essex County Network/New Jersey Network for Adolescent Porgrams, Essex County Network for Acuired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.



    Playing with the computer, reading, exercise, relaxing.


    • father: Michael C. Adubato
    • mother: Angela Antonia (DiFino) Adubato
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    Born August 20, 1954
    (age 63)