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Karen Lee Schneider

Karen Lee Schneider, American psychotherapist. Recipient benefit concert Musicians Band Together to UnPlug Violence, Houston, 1995; grantee Amoco, 1995, Houston Endowment, 1995, Mayor's Anti-Gang Office, Houston, 1996.


  • Schneider, Karen Lee was born on July 16, 1965 in Houston, Texas, United States. Daughter of Robert Louis and Gloria Jean (Craft) Schneider.

  • Education

    • Bachelor Religious Education, Bayridge Christian College, 1991. Master of Arts, Houston Graduate School Theology, 1991.


    • Assistant director, teacher Teachers Listening to Children, Houston, 1987-1991. Co-founder, assistant director, psychotherapist TLC Counseling and Training Center, since 1991, co-developer esteem enhancing discipline, 1987, co-developer self-esteem measure for young children-TLC esteem scale, researcher, co-developer anti-violence/anti-gang program, since 1991. Vice president, co-founder LuminĂ©, Inc., Houston, since 1989.

      Lecturer on esteem enhancing dipscipline, since 1987. Researcher, co-analyst anti-social behavior in children and adolescents TLC program Houston Public Schools, Spring Branch Public Schools, 1995-1997. Psychotherapist TLC anti-gang program Houston Public Schools, 1996, psychotherapist TLC anti-violence program.


    • Author: TLC Theory and Technique, 1991, (booklets) TLC Philosophy, 1993. Contributor articles to professional journals and newspaper. Appeared in television news programs, since 1991.


    The state should not attempt to control the church, nor should the church seek to dominate the state. The separation of church and state should not be misconstrued as the abolition of all religious expression from public life.


    The Gospel shows the manner and the necessary work to be done, by which salvation can be achieved. This is human responsibility to innovate, sponsor, and evaluate new forms of community living.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Church decisions should be made as openly as possible, giving opportunities for all to contribute. It is important for all views to be heard and taken seriously, especially where Christians disagree.


    Volunteer psychotherapist Houston Public Schools, 1994-1995, Mayor's TLC Anti-Gang Office, 1996, TLC Anti-Violence Program, 1995-1997, member summit meetings, since 1994, Houston Police Department Community Outreach Department, 1995-1996. Member American Counseling Association, American Mental Health Counselors Association.



    Dance, acting, painting, music.


    • father: Robert Louis Schneider
    • mother: Gloria Jean (Craft) Schneider
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    Born July 16, 1965
    (age 52)