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Andrew Henry Vachss

Andrew Henry Vachss, lawyer, writer, juvenile justice and child abuse consultant. Bar: New York 1976, United States District Court (southern and eastern districts) New York 1976.


  • Vachss, Andrew Henry was born on October 19, 1942 in New York City. Son of Bernard and Geraldine (Mattus) Vachss.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Case Western Reserve University, 1965. Juris Doctor magna cum laude, New Engl. School Law, 1975; Doctor of Laws (honorary), Case Western Reserve University, 2004.


    • Program representative United States Public Health Service, Ohio, 1965-1966. Unit supr New York City Department Social Services, 1966-1969. Urban coordinator Community Development Foundation, Norwalk, Connecticut, 1969-1970.

      Director Uptown Community Organization, Chicago, 1970-1971. Deputy director Medfield (Massachusetts)-Norfolk Prison Project, 1971-1972. Director intensive treatment unit ANDROS II, Roslindale, Massachusetts, 1972-1973.

      Project director Massachusetts Department Youth Services, Boston, 1972-1973. Director Juvenile Justice Planning Project, New York City, 1975-1985. Private practice, since 1976.

      Organizer, coordinator Calumet (Indiana) Community Congress, 1970. Board directors Libra Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, Advocacy Associates, New York and New Jersey. Adjunct professor College New Resources, New York City, 1980-1981.

      Lecturer trainer, speaker to numerous organizations. Consultant on juvenile justice and child abuse to numerous organizations, since 1971.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: New York 1976, United States District Court (southern and eastern districts) New York 1976.


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    Member board counselors Childtrauma Academy, Baylor College Medicine. Member board advisors Protect PAC. Member expert advisory panel on catastrophic child abuse New York State Office of Mental Health.

    Member Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists and Novelists association, Writers Guild American.


    • father: Bernard Vachss
    • mother: Geraldine (Mattus) Vachss
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    Born October 19, 1942
    (age 75)