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Mildred Stoehr Christian

Mildred Stoehr Christian, American health products executive. Recipient Outstanding Graduate award, Thomas Jefferson University, 1995, Distinguished Scientist award, Genzyme Transgenics Corporation, 2000, Lifetime Achievement award, ACT, 2004, Alumni award, Pennsylvania State University, College of Science, 2007.


  • Christian, Mildred Stoehr was born on July 7, 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Daughter of Harvey Edward and Alice Emily Stoehr.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, Pennsylvania State University, 1963. Master of Science, Pennsylvania State University, 1965. Doctor of Philosophy, Thomas Jefferson University, 1979.


    • Senior scientist McNiel Laboratories, a J and J Company, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, 1965—1979. President Argus Research Laboratories, Horsham, 1979—1989, Argus International, Inc., from 1980. Senior advisor science and compliance CRL - Argus Research, 1989—2003.

      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Argus Health Products, LLC, from 2004. Director Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Newton, Massachusetts, from 2003.


    • Founder, editor-in-chief: Journal American College Toxicology, 1981-1991.


    People sometimes argue that involvement in political life involves getting our hands dirty, so is something Christians should avoid. But God is present in everything, including political institutions.

    Party affiliation: Conservative Party


    People need to grow in relationship with God, whose love constantly prompts to transform people.

    Denomination: Methodist


    The family is the basic human community through which persons are nurtured and sustained in mutual love, responsibility, respect, and fidelity.


    Initiated history restoration of lamposts Franklin Lamposts, Louisiana, 2003—2005. President History Preservation Society - Restored 200 year old building, Philadelphia, 2000—2004. President, board trustees Kensington Mechanical Engineering Church (Old Brick), from 1980.

    Donated children's library (Stoehr library) to Girard college Girard College, 2002—2004. Member of Academy Toxicologic Science (president 1999—2000), Teratology Society 1989-1990, European Teratology Society (councilor 2002-2005), American College Toxicology (president 1992-1993), Society Quality Assurance (honorary), Union League, Plimsoll Club, Patriotic Order Sons American (state secretary since 2000), Thomas Jefferson Alumni Society (president 1992-1993).



    Piano, opera, travel.


    • father: Harvey Edward
    • mother: Alice Emily Stoehr
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    Died March, 2009
    (aged 66)