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G. Sue Keefer

G. Sue Keefer, American medical/surgical nurse. Registered Nurse, Kansas.


  • Keefer, G. Sue was born on May 8, 1942 in Topeka. Daughter of Victor P. and Genevieve H. (Stadler) Beier.

  • Education

    • Diploma in nursing, St. Margaret Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas, 1963. Certified nurse practitioner, Kansas University Medical Center, 1982. Certified respitory therapy technician, Bethany Medical Center, Kansas City, 1985.

      Bachelor of science in nursing, Webster University, 1987.


    • Head nurse, supervisor Providence St. Margaret Health Center, Kansas City. Head nurse surgical Intensive Care Unit Bethany Medical Center, pulmonary care specialist Kansas.

    Major achievements

    • Registered Nurse, Kansas.


    • Married Donald E. Keefer, August 31, 1963. 1 child, Andrew.
    • father: Victor P. Beier
    • mother: Genevieve H. (Stadler) Beier
    • spouse: Donald E. Keefer
    • child: Andrew Keefer
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    Born March 8, 1942
    (age 75)