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Grace Marie Mandicott

Grace Marie Mandicott, American health care provider, counselor, educator, speaker. Certified advanced Registered Nurse practitioner, physician's assistant. Coordinator walkathon American Cancer Society, 1976.


  • Mandicott, Grace Marie was born on August 31, 1942 in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States. Daughter of Dominick Adam and Angeline Grace (Carabino) Mandicott.

  • Education

    • Graduate, Binghamton (New York ) General Hospital, 1963. Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Science, State University of New York, Binghamton, 1976. Master of Arts, Center Michigan University, 1981.

      Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy and Healthcare Administration, Walden University, 1983.


    • Nurse Binghamton General Hospital, 1960-1965, Lourdes Hospital, 1965-1967, St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, New York, 1967-1968, General Electric Company, 1968, Doctor Janith S. Kice, Garden City, New York, 1968-1969, E. H. Titchener & Company, Binghamton, 1970-1972, Family Health Center, Johnson City, New York, 1972-1974. Nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, administrator private practice, Binghamton, 1974-1983. Director, owner Health & Wellness Center, 1984-1988, PMS & Menopause Health & Wellness Center, Largo, Clearwater, Florida, since 1988.

      Health care consultant, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, since 1981. Consultant MICA Imaging, Inc., MICA Imaging, Inc., MICA Medical Imaging Corporation American, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, 1989-1992. Coordinator medical student clerkship State University of New York, Binghamton, 1979-1982, assistant instructor School Nursing, 1980p.

      Director emd. services Adelaide Environmental Health Associates, Binghamton, 1983-1988. Adjunct professor masters program New School for Social Research School Management, New York City, 1985-1987. Conductor national seminars on womens and mens hormonal health transitions and health and happy aging, wellness, prevention, life cycles.

      Dermatologist specialist, consultant Florida Nursing Homes, since 1993. Lecturer and speaker in field.

    Major achievements

    • Certified advanced Registered Nurse practitioner, physician's assistant.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Roman Catholic


    Coordinator walkathon American Cancer Society, 1976.



    Reading, swimming, singing, golf, dance.


    • father: Dominick Adam Mandicott
    • mother: Angeline Grace (Carabino) Mandicott
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    Born August 31, 1942
    (age 75)