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Janet Vinsen Bjorklund

Janet Vinsen Bjorklund, American speech and language pathologist. Certified clinical speech pathologist, audiologist.


  • Bjorklund, Janet Vinsen was born on July 31, 1947 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Daughter of Vernon Edward and Virginia Lea (Rogers) Bjorklund.

  • Education

    • Student, University Vienna, Austria, 1967. Bachelor, Pacific University, 1969. Student, University Washington, 1971.

      Master of Arts, San Francisco State University, 1977.


    • Speech pathologist, audiological consultant United States Navy Hospital, Rota, Spain, 1972-1975. Traineeship in audiology Veterans Administration Hospital, San Francisco, 1976. Speech pathologist San Lorenzo (California) Unified Schools, 1975-1977, 78-81.

      Director speech pathology St. Lukes Speech and Hearing Clinic, San Francisco, 1977-1978. Audiologist X.O. Barrios, Doctor of Medicine 1977-1981. Consultant Visually Impaired Infant Program, Seattle, 1981-1982.

      Speech pathologist Everett (Washington) Schools, 1982-1994. Speech-language pathologist, supervisor Sultan (Washington) Schools, 1995-1998. Supervisor pediatrics programs speech pathology Group Health Cooperative Puget Sound, Seattle, 1994.

      Speech-language pathologist Seattle Schools, since 1998. Consultant Providence Hospital Childrens Center, Everett, 1985-1993, Pacific Hearing and Speech, 1988-1993.

    Major achievements

    • Certified clinical speech pathologist, audiologist.


    • Author: (with others) Screening for Bilingual Preschoolers, 1977, (television script), Clinical Services in San Francisco, 1978, Developing Better Communication Skills, 1982.


    Denomination: Congregationalist


    Chair Washington Middle School Site Council, 1995-1998. Member American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (legislation counselor State of Washington since 2000), Washington Speech and Hearing Association (regional representative 1985-1986, chair licensure task force 1986-1988, representative Birth to Six Project 1988-1991, president 1993, 2001), Washington Education Association, European Space Agency (special education task force since 2001), Phi Lambda Omicron (president Pacific University chapter 1968).



    Travel, needlecrafts, cooking.


    • Children: Emery Allen, Alanna Vinsen, Marisa Rogers.
    • father: Vernon Edward Bjorklund
    • mother: Virginia Lea (Rogers) Bjorklund
    • children: Emery Allen Bjorklund
    • Alanna Vinsen Bjorklund
    • Marisa Rogers Bjorklund
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    Born July 31, 1947
    (age 70)