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William Scott Vare

William Scott Vare was an American construction contractor and Republican Party politician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He represented Pennsylvania in the U.S House and won a contested election to the United States Senate.


  • Vare, William Scott was born on December 24, 1867 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Augustus and Abigail (Stites) Vare.

  • Education

    • Public school education.


    • In 1890 he started contracting with his two older brothers. By 1909, this contracting firm, known simply as "Vare Brothers," had contracts with the City of Philadelphia whose aggregate worth was over $100,000,000. Vare served (1912–27) in Congress but, elected (1926) to the U.S. Senate, was barred from his seat on the grounds of excessive campaign expenditures. He wrote My Forty Years in Politics (1933).


    All human life is sacred and created by God and therefore, we must see all human life as significant and valuable. When governments implement the death penalty, then the life of the convicted person is devalued and all possibility of change in that person’s life ends.

    Party affiliation: Republican Party


    The relationship with God in Covenant is like a marriage between human beings – both as a community and as individuals – on the one side and God in Christ on the other.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Language of a derogatory nature (with regard to race, nationality, ethnic background, gender, sexuality, and physical differences) does not reflect value of one another and contradicts the Christian teaching.


    Member Select Council, Philadelphia, 1898-1901. Member Republican National Committee, since 1934.


    • Married Ida Morris, July 29, 1897. Children: Beatrice, Mildred.
    • father: Augustus Vare
    • mother: Abigail (Stites) Vare
    • spouse: Ida Morris
    • children: Beatrice Vare - United States
    • Mildred Vare - United States
    William Vare
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    Born December 24, 1867
    Died August 7, 1934
    (aged 66)
    • 1898
      member, City Council
    • 1902
      Recorder of Deeds
    • May 24, 1912 - March 4, 1927
      member, House of Representatives
    • November 7, 1922 - November 30, 1923
      member, Pennsylvania Senate
    • March 4, 1927 - December 6, 1929
      Senator-elect from Pennsylvania
      United States


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      • Mildred Vare
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