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Mary Anne Cipressy

Mary Anne Cipressy, American physical therapist. Registered physical therapist assistant, Florida. Named Outstanding State Treasurer United States Junior Chamber of C., 1993-1994.


  • Cipressy, Mary Anne was born on October 9, 1956 in Albany, New York, United States. Daughter of Vittorio Armondo and Rosemary (Saccone) Cipressy.

  • Education

    • Associate of Applied Science, Maria College, 1976. Student, State University of New York, Albany, 1979. Student, Electronic Communications Committee, 1989.

      Student, St. Joseph's College, since 1989.


    • Physical therapist assistant Eden Park Nursing Home, Albany, 1976-1979, New York State VA Home, Oxford, 1979-1982, Lee Memorial Home Health, Fort Myers, Florida, since 1982.

    Major achievements

    • Registered physical therapist assistant, Florida.


    President Concerned Youth for Cerebral Palsy, Albany, 1977-1978. District director Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1991-1992. Editor newsletter Greater Cap Coral Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1989-1990.

    Regional coordinator local Muscular Dystrophy Association, 1990, vice president membership development, 1990-1991, vice president community development, since 1991. Secretary Democratic Women's Club Lee County, 1997-1999. Committee woman Democratic Executive Committee Lee County, since 2005.

    Vice president Stonewall Democratic Caucus, Southwest Florida, since 2005. Member Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce (regional director 1992-1993, state treasurer 1993-1994, chapter development vice president 1994-1995, Keystate Officer award 1991-1992, region II district Director of Year award 1991-1992, Jean Paul Bagley award 1993-1994, vice president Bills Backers Southwest Florida, 2003-2006, secretary GLBT Pride Coalition, since 2006), Stonewalll Democratic Cacus Southwest Florida (vice president).



    Reading, bicycling, aerobics.


    • father: Vittorio Armondo Cipressy
    • mother: Rosemary (Saccone) Cipressy
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    Born October 9, 1956
    (age 61)