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Gina Romayne Austin Lewis Showell

Gina Romayne Austin Lewis Showell, LFACHE, PhD:

Named One of Dayton's Top 10 Women Dayton Daily News, 1992; Recipient Up and Comer award Price Waterhouse, 1990, Community Service award Gem City Med, Den, and Pharm Society, 1995; Commissioner for Minority Health Care Ohio 1995-2013; Served as President of Dayton YWCA ; President United Health Care Services; served on Boards of Victoria Theater; Community Blood Center and many others


  • Showell, Gina Romayne was born on November 7, 1951 in Dayton, Ohio. Daughter of Russell Lewis Jr. and Clarice Romayne (Douthitt) Austin. Mother of Otha Tillman Lewis, III; Sister of Sharon Denise Austin Maddox.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Capitol University, 1982; Modern Sciences and Arts, Central Michigan University, 1984.


    • Phlebotomist St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Dayton, 1971-1978, cytology technician, 1978-1983, administrative resident, 1983-1984, administrative assistant to senior vice president operations, 1984-1985, administrator outpatient services, 1985-1988, vice president operations, 1988-1992; corporation vice president legislation and internal affairs Franciscan Health Systems, since 1992; Member Ohio Commission Minority Health Care, Columbus, since 1992.


    • Spouse Charles H. Showell, June 16, 1984.
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    Born November 7, 1951
    (age 66)



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