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Daniel Fraley Evans

Daniel Fraley Evans, American lawyer. Bar: Indiana 1976, United States District Court (southern district) Indiana 1976, United States Court Appeals (7th circuit) 1983, Supreme Court of the United States Court 1983.


  • Evans, Daniel Fraley was born on April 19, 1949 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. Son of Daniel Fraley and Julie (Sloan) Evans.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Indiana University, 1971. Juris Doctor, Indiana University, 1976.


    • Associate Sparrenberger, Duvall, Tabbert, Lalley & Newton, Indianapolis, 1976-1977. Partner Duvall, Tabbert, Lalley & Newton, 1977-1981, Bayh, Tabbert & Capehart, Indianapolis, 1981-1985, Baker & Daniels, Indianapolis, since 1985.


    The Church must be self-critical before it presumes to be critical of others.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    The Gospel of Christ is the message that can lead one to salvation. It shows the essential steps that one must take to secure the goal that God wishes all to attain.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Just as a human body contains different limbs and organs that depend on each other, so members of a Christian society should be close and caring enough to feel each other's pain and delight.


    Chairman of Indiana Board Correction, Indianapolis, 1976-1988, Qyaule for Senate Committee, 1980, 86, Quayle for vice president committee. Member Federal Judicial Merit Sel. Committee, Indianapolis, 1981-1988, Administrative Conference United States, 1983-1988.

    Chairmanof Indianapolis District Federal Home Loan Bank Board, 1987-1990, Federal Housing Finance Board, 1990-1993. Vice chairman Methodist of Health Group, Inc., since 1996, Circuit Investors, Inc., since 1997. Vice chairman of Hudson Institute, Inc., since 1996, Circuit Investors, 1994-1999.

    Chancellor of South Indiana Conference United Methodist Church, since 1998. General council of Citizens Gas Utility, since 1999. Board directors Clarian Health Partners, Inc., Indianapolis, Downtown, Inc., 1992-1996, Methodist of Hospital in Indiana.

    Member of Indiana Bar Association, Indianapolis Bar Association, Woodstock Club, Indianapolis Club.


    • Married to Marilyn Schultz, August 11, 1973. Children: Meredith, Benjamin, Suzannah, Theodore.
    • father: Daniel Fraley Evans
    • mother: Julie (Sloan) Evans
    • spouse: Marilyn Schultz
    • children: Meredith Evans
    • Benjamin Evans
    • Suzannah Evans
    • Theodore Evans
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    Born April 19, 1949
    (age 68)
    • 1976


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    • Nationalities
      • American
      • United States
    • College/University
      • Indiana
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