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Terry Smith Prillaman, Jr.

Terry Smith Prillaman, American lawyer. Bar: Illinois 1984, United States District Court (central district) Illinois 1984.


  • Prillaman, Terry Smith was born on July 1, 1959 in Champaign, Illinois, United States. Son of Terry S. and Sharen Ellen (Alexander) Prillaman.

  • Education

    • Bachelor in Political Science, Eastern Illinois University, 1981. Juris Doctor, Southern Illinois University, 1984. Postgraduate, University Illinois, 1983.


    • Legal intern Coles County States Attorney, Charleston, Illinois, 1980, Vermilion County States Attorney, Danville, 1981. Private practice law Urbana, 1984-1986. Partner Prillaman Law Offices, 1984-1986, Prillaman, Prillaman & Savage, Urbana, 1986-1990, Prillaman & Prillaman Ltd., Urbana, since 1990.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: Illinois 1984, United States District Court (central district) Illinois 1984.


    When peaceful alternatives to resolve the conflict failed, the use of force may be the only option to check aggression or genocide.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    The faith should be based on the Bible, but also on reason, tradition, and personal experience.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Holiness is not just about personal spirituality and prayer. It will also be expressed through a commitment to social justice and enabling other people to become followers of Jesus.


    Member precinct committee Champaign County Republican Party, 1989, member executive committee, since 1990. Board commissioners, president Champaign County Forest Preserve, since 1991. Member Champaign County Bar Association (member family law committee, pro bono committee, chairman social committee, board governors since 1991, vice president since 1991), Knights of Pythias (president since 1990), Delta Chi (board trustees, treasurer since 1987).


    • Married Eileen Marie Killian, November 15, 1986. Children: Jennifer Marie, James Walter.
    • father: Terry S. Prillaman
    • mother: Sharen Ellen (Alexander) Prillaman
    • spouse: Eileen Marie Killian
    • children: Jennifer Marie Prillaman
    • James Walter Prillaman
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    Terry Prillaman

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      • Bar: Illinois 1984, United States District Court (central district) Illinois 1984.
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