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Hugh Massey Ray

HUGH RAY, American lawyer, specializing in the field of General Civil Practice. Corporation. Oil and Gas, Public Utilities, Environmental, Natural Resources, Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganization, Federal and State Taxation, Labor. Antitrust, Probate, Securities, Real Estate, Trial of Civil Cases in all Courts, Patent, Trademark and Copyright and Interstate Commerce Law.


  • Ray, Hugh Massey was born on February 1, 1943 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States. Son of Hugh Massey and Lollie Landon (Powell) Ray.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Vanderbilt University, 1965. Juris Doctor, Vanderbilt University, 1967.


    • Assistant United States attorney Southern District Texas, 1967-1968. Associate Andrews & Kurth, Houston, 1968-1977, partner, Bankruptcy Department, since 1977. Court appointed examiner Asbestos Billings Mutters District Council.

      Lecturer Central and Eastern European Law Initiative, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1996.



    Denomination: Episcopalian


    Member of American Bar Association (chairman real property practice committee 1975-1977, chairman continuing legal education committee young lawyers division 1976-1978, vice-chairman 1979, chairman oil and gas subcommittee business bankruptcy committee 1985-1989, chairman executory contracts subcommittee 1989-1993, chairman business bankruptcy committee 1993-1996, chairman committee on trust indentures and indenture trustees 1995-1997, member standing committee on judicial selection, tenure and compensation 1996-1997, chairman ad hoc committee on bankruptcy court structure 1996—2001, member business law section 1997—2001, chair energy committee 2001-2006), South Texas College Law (trustee since 2003), Houston Symphony Orchestra (governing trustee 2004-2006), American College Bankruptcy., American Law Institute, Texas Bar Association (chairman bankruptcy committee 1985-1988), Houston Bar Association, River Oaks Country Club, Houston Country Club.


    • Married Carroll Robertson, September 7, 2002. Children: Hugh, Hallie.
    • father: Hugh Massey Ray
    • mother: Lollie Landon (Powell) Ray
    • spouse: Carroll Robertson
    • children: Hugh Ray
    • Hallie Ray
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    Born February 1, 1943
    (age 74)


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      • Bar: Texas 1967, United States District Court (southern district) Texas 1967, United States Dist.Ct. (western district) Louisiana 1979, United States District Court (western district) Texas 1979, United States Dist Court (northern district) Texas 1980, United States Court Appeals 1st, 5th, 9th, 11th circuits) 1982, United States District Court (northern district) California 1989, New York 1992. Certified Texas Board Legal Specialization.
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      • Co-author: Bankruptcy Investing, 1992, Creditor's Rights in Texas, volunteer 1 & 2, 1998, Last Rights--Liquidating a company, 2007. Contributor articles to professional journals.
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      • book: Bankruptcy Investing - How to Profit From Distressed Companies
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      • book: Bankruptcy Investing - How to Profit From Distressed Companies by Branch, Ben, Ray, Hugh (2007) Paperback
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      • book: Last Rights: Liquidating a Company (Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis Series)
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      • book: Last Rights: Liquidating a Company (Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis Series) by Branch Ben Ray Hugh Russell Robin (2007-02-01) Hardcover
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      • Hugh Ray
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      • Hallie Ray
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      • Lollie Landon (Powell) Ray
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      • Carroll Robertson
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      • Hugh Massey Ray
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