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Sandra Ford MOCK

SANDRA MOCK, American Lawyer, Partner of FITZGERALD, specializing in the field of Real Estate Litigation and Personal Injury.


  • Mock, Sandra Ford was born on January 12, 1944 in Edgewood, Maryland, United States. Daughter of William V. and Lydia (Schmitz) Ford.

  • Education

    • San Francisco State University. Northridge State University. Sacramento State University.

      John F. Kennedy University (Juris Doctor, 1986).


    • Fingerprint agent Department Justice, Sacramento, 1965—1970. Legal officer California Beer Wholesalers Association, 1975—1980. With sales department Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company, San Francisco, 1980—1982.

      National account manager Pabst Brewing, San Rafael, 1982—1983. Marketing director Bracco Distribution Company, San Francisco, 1983—1984. With Office District Attorney, Martinez, 1985—1987.

      Associate Sellar, Hazard, Snyder, Kelly & Fitzgerald, Walnut Creek, 1988—1993. Partner Law Firm Mock & Gray, Danville, since 1994.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Conta Costa County Bar Association. The State Bar of California. Public Entity Law, Police Liability.


    • Married Darryl L. Mock. Children from previous marriage: Robert L., Traci L.
    • father: William V. Ford
    • mother: Lydia (Schmitz) Ford
    • spouse: Darryl L. Mock
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    Born January 12, 1944
    (age 73)


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