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Charles Linzner, American lawyer. Bar: New York 1975. Member American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, International Bar Association.


  • Linzner, Charles was born on August 30, 1948 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Lewis and Freda (Bealsky) Linzner.

  • Education

    • Columbia University (Bachelor of Arts, 1970). New York University (Juris Doctor, 1974). New York State (Member, Business Section) and American (Member, Sections on: Corporation, Banking and Business.

      International Law and Practice. Antitrust Law) and International Bar Associations. (Associate General Counsel).


    • Associate Dewey, Ballantine, Bushby, Palmer & Wood, New York City, 1974-1977, 80-83, Paris, 1977-1980. Vice president, general counsel Squibb Medical Systems, Bellevue, Washington, 1983-1985. Associate general counsel Squibb Corporation, Princeton, New Jersey, 1985-1990.

      General counsel United States operations Squibb Pharmaceutical Group, 1988-1991. Vice president, senior counsel pharmaceutical research institute/worldwide business development Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Group, since 1991.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: New York 1975.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Member American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, International Bar Association.



    Mountain climbing, technical rock and ice climbing, skiing, scuba diving, flyfishing.


    • Married Nancy J. Meyer, November 14, 1970.
    • father: Lewis Linzner
    • mother: Freda (Bealsky) Linzner
    • spouse: Nancy J. Meyer
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    Born August 30, 1948
    (age 69)


    Alexandra Remova

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      • Bar: New York 1975.
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