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Norman Patrick FLANAGAN

NORMAN FLANAGAN, American Lawyer, Partner of BECKLEY, SINGLETON, DE LANOY, JEMISON & LIST, CHARTERED, specializing in the field of General Civil and Appellate Practice in all State and Federal Courts. Personal Injury, Insurance, Real Estate, Probate and Administrative Law. Taxation, Estate and Business Planning Law. Banking, Bankruptcy and Bond Law. Casino Law, Common Carrier Law, Airplane Crash Litigtion, Complex and Multi-District Litigation. Appellate Practice. Corporation Law, Drug Law, General Negligence Trials and Appeals. Casualty, Surety & Fidelity, Transportation, Aviation, Life, Fire, Products Liability, Malpractice and Professional Liability Law. Public Utility, School and Securities Regulation Law.


  • Flanagan, Norman Patrick was born on February 3, 1953 in Pittsburgh. Son of Norman Patrick and Janice (Smith) Flanagan.

  • Education

    • DeQuesne University (Bachelor of Science, 1975). California Western School of Law (Juris Doctor, 1978). Member, Phi Delta Phi.

      Jessup Cup Competition.


    • Working as a partner of BECKLEY, SINGLETON, DE LANOY, JEMISON & LIST, CHARTERED. Admitted to the bar, 1979, Nevada, United States. District Court, District of Nevada. 1981, Pennsylvania; 1983, United States.

      Supreme Court.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: Pennsylvania, Nevada, United States District Court Nevada, United States Court Appeals (9th circuit), Supreme Court of the United States Court.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Roman Catholic


    Member Nevada State Bar Association (continuing legal education section, pres-elect, 2002-2003), Legal Defense Fund (capital litigation section).



    Tennis, cross country skiing.


    • Married Caroline Electrical Engineer Reverdin, August 2, 1975. Children: Erin Elizabeth, Sean Patrick.
    • father: Norman Patrick Flanagan
    • mother: Janice (Smith) Flanagan
    • spouse: Caroline Electrical Engineer Reverdin
    • children: Erin Elizabeth Flanagan
    • Sean Patrick Flanagan
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    Born February 3, 1953
    (age 64)


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      • Bar: Pennsylvania, Nevada, United States District Court Nevada, United States Court Appeals (9th circuit), Supreme Court of the United States Court.
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