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Deborah Campbell WELSH

DEBORAH WELSH, American Lawyer, Partner of WALSH, COLUCCI, STACKHOUSE, EMRICH & LUBELEY, specializing in the field of Zoning, Land Use, Condominium, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Law. General Trial and Appellate Practice in Federal and State Courts. Corporation and Administrative Law.


  • Welsh, Deborah Campbell was born on April 8, 1955 in Leesburg, Virginia, United States. Daughter of Tunis Henry and Doris (Williams) Campbell.

  • Education

    • Westhampton College; University of Richmond (Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, in Political.


    • Teacher Chesterfield County Public Schools, Virginia, 1976—1977. Associate Charles A. Ottinger, Leesburg, 1980—1984. Private practice, 1984.

      Partner Kennedy, McAdams & Welsh, since 1984. Deputy town attorney Leesburg, Virginia, since 1985.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: Virginia 1980.


    Christian discipleship is a commitment to work for social and political change of the community you live in.


    The bread and cup during Holy Communion symbolizes the broken body and shed blood of Christ that he offered for people the same way as he did for the disciples on the eve of his crucifixion.

    Denomination: Baptist


    Christians should promote healthy marriages, raising loving children, and in getting along with everyone around them—including their enemies.


    Member Law Review, McNeill Law Society, T.C. Williams School Law, University Richmond, 1978—1980. Board directors Loudoun County Youth Shelter, Leesburg, since 1982. Member of American Bar Association, Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, Loudoun County Bar Association (secretary 1982-1983), Virginia State Bar, Women's Missionary Union Club, Junior Woman's Club (Leesburg), Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa.


    • Married Dennis Craig Welsh, August 28, 1976. 1 child Lyndsay Wray.
    • father: Tunis Henry Campbell
    • mother: Doris (Williams) Campbell
    • spouse: Dennis Craig Welsh
    • child: Lyndsay Wray Welsh
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    Born April 8, 1955
    (age 62)


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      • Bar: Virginia 1980.
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