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Roger Eugene SHUMATE

ROGER SHUMATE, American Lawyer, Partner of MURANE & BOSTWICK, specializing in the field of General Civil Trial and Appellate Practice in all State and Federal Courts. Estate Planning, Probate and Trust, Tax, Corporate, Business, Real Estate, Computer, Pension and Profit Sharing, Oil and Gas and Mining Law. Insurance, Negligence, Professional Liability and Products Liability Law.


  • Shumate, Roger Eugene was born on March 16, 1958 in Rock Springs, Wyoming, United States. Son of Bob Louis and Audrey Joan (Clark) Shumate.

  • Education

    • Bachelor with honors, University Wyoming, 1980. Juris Doctor, University Wyoming, 1985.


    • Reporter, editor Daily Rocket Miner, Rock Springs, Wyoming, 1980-1982. Director Legal Research Services, Laramie, 1984-1985. Associate Murane & Bostwick, Casper, 1985-1990, partner, 1990-1996, member, since 1997.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: Wyoming 1985, United States District Court Wyoming 1985, United States Court Appeals (10th circuit) 1985.


    Natrona County and American (Member, Sections on: Litigation. Tort and Insurance Practice) Bar Associations. Wyoming State Bar; Defense Lawyers Association of Wyoming.

    American Judicature Society. Personal Injury Defense, Insurance Litigation, Employment Rights Litigation.



    Skiing, racquet sports.


    • Married Angela Pelkey, October 13, 1990. Children: Alaina Grace, Benjamin Graham.
    • father: Bob Louis Shumate
    • mother: Audrey Joan (Clark) Shumate
    • spouse: Angela Pelkey
    • children: Alaina Grace Shumate
    • Benjamin Graham Shumate
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    Born March 16, 1958
    (age 59)



    Alexandra Remova

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      • Bar: Wyoming 1985, United States District Court Wyoming 1985, United States Court Appeals (10th circuit) 1985.
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