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James J. CORYN

JAMES CORYN, American Lawyer, Partner of COR YN, WALKER AND MEEHAN, specializing in the field of General Trial Practice in State and Federal Courts. Probate, Railroad, Corporation, Personal Injury, Criminal, Insurance, Employment Discrimination and Fair Employment Law, Workers Compensation, Labor and Eminent Domain Law.


  • Coryn, James J. was born on March 20, 1932 in Moline, Illinois, United States.

  • Education

    • University of Notre Dame (Bachelor of Science, 1954. Bachelor of Laws Assistant Attorney General, 1960-1970. Member, Board of Directors, Notre Dame Law School Association, 1967-1987.


    • Partner Sinnett, Rink & Coryn, Rock Island, Illinois, Rink, Coryn & Patton, Rock Island. Senior partner Coryn, Patton & Walker, Coryn, Walker & Meehan, Rock Island.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: Illinois 1956, United States District Court (northern district) Illinois 1958.


    Rock Island County (Vice President, 1972-1973. President, 1974-1977) and Illinois State Bar Associations. The Association of Trial Lawyers of America.
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    Born March 20, 1932


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      • Bar: Illinois 1956, United States District Court (northern district) Illinois 1958.
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