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Manuel Moreno Sánchez

Manuel MORENO SÁNCHEZ, Mexican lawyer, professor;. Member Society Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística, Sindicato de Abogados del Distrito Federal.


  • Moreno Sánchez, Manuel was born on July 11, 1908 in Ranchería Tierra Dura, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico. Personal friend of Adolfo López Mateos daughter, Alejandra Moreno Toscano, is married to Enrique Florescano. Son, Hector Moreno Toscano, served as federal deputy from the State of México, 1979-1982.

    Practiced law with Franco Carreño. Assistant to Professor Antonio Caso.

  • Education

    • Primary studies in Aguascalientes. Preparatory studies at the National Preparatory School, 1926. Law degree from the National School of Law, National Autonomous University, 1932, with a thesis on amparo.

      Professor of International Public Law, National Autonomous University, 1935-1936. Professor at the Institute of San Luis Potosí. Professor at the University of Michoacán, 1933-1934.

      Director of the School of Plastic Arts, National Autonomous University, 1936. Secretary of the Institute of Esthetic Investigations, National Autonomous University, 1936-1938.


    • Federal Deputy from the State of Aguascalientes, 1943-1946. Senator from the State of Aguascalientes, 1958-1964, President of the Gran Comisión, President of the First Committee on Foreign Relations, President of the Committee on Foreign and Domestic Commerce, member of the First Committee on Tariffs and Foreign Trade, substitute member of the First Constitutional Affairs Committee. Orator for the 1940, 1946, and 1952 presidential campaigns.

      Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, 1982. Judge of the Superior Tribunal of Justice of the State of Michoacán, 1933-1934. Judge of the Superior Tribunal of Justice of the Federal District, 1940-1943.

      Adviser to the state government of San Luis Potosí, 1939. Director, Legal Department, National Bank of Agricultural and Livestock Credit, 1946-1952. Director of Traffic, Department of the Federal District, 1952.

      Author of many books and articles. Practicing lawyer in the Federal District, 1943-1958. Orator during the 1929 campaign with Adolfo López Mateos.


    Roman Catholic.


    Member Society Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística, Sindicato de Abogados del Distrito Federal.


    • Spouse Carmen Toscano.
    • father: Meliton Moreno
    • mother: Soledad Sánchez
    • spouse: Carmen Toscano
    • children: Carmen MORENO SÁNCHEZ
    • Alejandra MORENO SÁNCHEZ
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    Born July 11, 1908


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      • Federal Deputy from the State of Aguascalientes
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