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Carlos Orozco Romero

Carlos Orozco Romero, Director, Museum of Modem Art. Awarded the National Prize in Fine Arts, 1980. Member, Mexican Academy of Arts, since 1966.


  • Orozco Romero, Carlos was born on September 3, 1898 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Son of Jesús J. Orozco and Sara Romero students included Rafael and Pedro Coronel.

  • Education

    • Self-educated; no degree. Director of Teaching Design, City of Guadalajara. Professor of Design and Painting, Preparatory School of Guadalajara.

      Professor of Wood Engraving, Preparatory School of Guadalajara, 1926. Professor of Design in primary and secondary schools, Mexico City. Professor of Plastic Arts and cofounder with Carlos Mérida, School of Dance, Mexico City, 1932.

      Founding professor of the Esmeralda School of Painting and Sculpture, since 1946. Professor, Free Studio Movement. Chamber of Deputies Fellowship to France and Spain, 1921.

      Guggenheim Fellow, New York, 1939.


    • Director, teaching of design, city of Guadalajara, 1926. Professor, Escuela Preparatoria, Guadalajara, 1926. Director (organizer with Carlos Mé- rida), Galería de Arte Moderno Mexicano.

      Teacher of design in primary and secondary schools of Mexico City. Professor, plastic arts, Escuela Danza. Official, ministry of public edn.

      His oils, water-colors, and sketches are to be found in collections in Mexico and the United States. Exhibitions: Madrid, 1921. New York, 1928; Chicago, 1928.

      In traveling exhibition. College Arts Association. Orozco and Sara Romero.

      *». María M. de Orozco.


    Roman Catholic.


    Member, Mexican Academy of Arts, since 1966.


    • Spouse María Marín.
    • father: Jesús J.
    • children: Gabriela OROZCO ROMERO
    • Arcelia OROZCO ROMERO
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    Born September 3, 1898



    Alexandra Remova

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