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José Rojas Garcidueñas

José Rojas Garcidueñas, Lawyer, Legal Department. Member of the Mexican Academy of Language; Member of the Seminar of Mexican Culture, since 1969.


  • Rojas Garcidueñas, José was born on November 16, 1912 in Salamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico. Son of Joel Rojas Corón and Victoria Garcidueñas Gutiérrez. Brother Manuel a distinguished biologist.

  • Education

    • Primary studies in Salamanca. Preparatory studies, University of Guanajuato and Colegio Francés, Mexico City, 1925-1928. Law degree, National School of Law, National Autonomous University, August 17, 1938.

      Master of Arts in letters, National Autonomous University, 1954, Magna Cum Laude. Professor of World History, Mexican History, History of Art, Spanish Literature, Hispanic and Mexican Literature, School of Plastic Arts and Music, and Normal School, Mexico City. Teacher, Colegio Francés and Colegio México, 1939-1952.

      Professor at Pennsylvania State College, 1948-1949. Administrator, Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, 1951-1953. Dean, School of Philosophy and Letters, University of Guanajuato, 1953-1954.

      Professor, School of Humanities, University of San Luis Potosí, 1955. Professor, School of Philosophy and Letters, National Autonomous University, 1941, 1944-1966. Researcher, Institute of Esthetic Research, National Autonomous University, 1939-1974.


    • Lawyer, Legal Department, Secretary of Health, 1938-1939. Manager, Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, 1944-1947. Director, Department of Foreign Information, Secretariat of Foreign Relations, 1947-1948.

      Consultant to the General Division of Boundaries and International Waters, Secretariat of Foreign Relations, 1956-1974. Author of numerous books. Contributor to Letras de México, Absidé, México en el Arte.


    Roman Catholic.


    Member of the Mexican Academy of Language. Member of the Seminar of Mexican Culture, since 1969.


    • father: Joel Rojas Corón
    • mother: Victoria Garcidueñas Gutiérrez
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    Born November 16, 1912


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