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Charles Vivian AKIN

Charles Vivian AKIN, Surgeon, United States Public Health Service. Member of Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon; American Medical Association; American Public Health Association; Military Surgeons Association; American Genetic Association.


  • AKIN, Charles Vivian was born on May 23, 1890 in Meridian, Mississippi.

  • Education

    • Graded Schools; Dallas Academy.; Meridian Military College, B.S., 1907; Tulane University of Louisiana., Doctor of Medicine, 1911


    • Commissioned in the Regular Corps of the United States Public Health Service. Assistant Surgeon. 1914. Passed Assistant Surgeon, 1918.

      Surgeon, since 1922.


    • Member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Phi Beta Pi; Theta Nu Epsilon. American Medical Association. American Public Health Association. Military Surgeons Association. American Genetic Association.


    • Spouse Arline Hardin, August 16, 1911, Slidell, Louisiana.
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