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Eugene Victor Alessandroni

Eugene V. ALESSANDRONI, American Judge, Common Pleas Court. Member of Order Sons of Italy (Grand Master); Decorations: Chevalier; Order of the Crown of Italy; Commander, Order of the Crown of Italy.


  • Alessandroni, Eugene Victor was born on January 24, 1887 in Capestrano, Italy. Son of Pierluigi and Carmela (Jafolla) Alessandroni.

  • Education

    • Brought to the United States, 1891, naturalized, 1896. Bachelor of Arts, Central High School, Philadelphia, 1903. Bachelor of Laws, University of Pennsylvania, 1906.


    • 1 daughter, Hope. Admitted to the Pennsylvania bar, 1907, and began practice in Philadelphia. Assistant district attorney, 1919-1927. Elected judge Court of Common Pleas, 1st District of Pennsylvania, for term, 1928-1938, re-elected for terms, 1938-1958.

      Director Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra Association. Director International Institute. Member board of managers University of Pennsylvania.

      President of the board Union Home. Director Eagleville Sanatorium. Presidential elector, 1932.


    Member Law Academy Philadelphia (vice-provost), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and American bar associations, American Judicature Society, Philadelphia United Nations Council, Foreign Policy Association, American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, Alpha Phi Delta. Member 1st Division American Expeditionary Force. Member Order Sons of Italy (grand venerable, Department of Pennsylvania).

    Clubs: Contemporary, Locust, Pennsylvania Athletic, Lawyers, Socialegal.
    • Member of Order Sons of Italy (Grand Master). Decorations: Chevalier. Order of the Crown of Italy. Commander, Order of the Crown of Italy.


    • Spouse Ethel H. Tumbleston, January 9, 1909, Wilmington, Delegate.
    • father: Pierluigi Alessandroni
    • mother: Carmela (Jafolla) Alessandroni
    • spouse: Ethel Hope Tumbelston
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    Born January 24, 1887


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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