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Burrell Clinton Allen

Burrell Clinton Allen, American naval officer. Decorated Navy Cross, Legion of Merit (United States), Pour le Merite (Nicaragua), Meriot Naval (Mexico). Member Naval Institute.


  • Allen, Burrell Clinton was born on September 2, 1881 in Ottawa, Kansas, United States. Son of Willis Clinton and Ida (Butler) Allen.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the United States Naval Academy, 1901, Naval War College, 1929, Army War College, 1930.


    • Commissioned ensign, United States Navy, 1901, and advanced through the grades to rear admiral. Commanded United States Ship Sampson, United States Ship Dent (World War I), United States Ship Rappahannock, United States Ship Rochester, also destroyer divisions and squadron. Served as head department electrical engineering, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

      With military government, Guam and Nicaragua. Lecturer School of Military Government, Stanford University. Editor, United States Naval Institute, 1915-1916.

      Chief of staff Western Sea Frontier, 1943-1945.


    Member Naval Institute.


    • Married Selma Mertz, October 22, 1907. Children: Burrell Clinton (officer United States Navy), Willis Mertz.
    • father: Willis Clinton Allen
    • mother: Ida (Butler) Allen
    • spouse: Selma Mertz
    • children: Burrell Clinton Allen (officer United States Navy)
    • Willis Mertz Allen
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    Born September 2, 1881


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