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Daniel ANDERSON, Assistant United States Attorney. Member of Masons; A. A.O.N.M.S.; Modern Woodmen of America.; Delta Theta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Chicago Bar Association Clubs: Collegiate (Chicago), Euclid Hills.


  • ANDERSON, Daniel was born on November 7, 1884 in Wahoo, Nebraska.

  • Education

    • Wahoo H.S., 1904; N.W. University Bachelor of Arts, 1909.


    • Master of Arts, 1914. N.W. U. Law School, Bachelor of Laws, 1914.. Appointed Assistant United States Attorney, Chicago, 111., 1924.

      Served as Ward Committeeman, 18 Ward, Chicago, 1924-1928. Admitted to bar, 1914. Prosecuted $1,000,000 War Savings Stamps Counterfeiters and convicted all defendants.

      Prosecuted Chicago Heights Conspiracy Case. Obtained first conviction in a ca6e charging defendant with selling denatured alcohol for beverage purposes and filed first libel in Federal court at Chicago forfeiting real estate on account of operation of a moonshine alcohol still. Brought A1 Capone from Florida on a subpoena to testify before the grand jury at Chicago and filed contempt proceedings against him for filing a false affidavit in defense of his late arrival at Chicago.


    • Member of Masons; A. A.O.N.M.S. Modern Woodmen of America. Delta Theta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho. Chicago Bar Association Clubs: Collegiate (Chicago), Euclid Hills.


    • Spouse Gertrude Keller, July 27, 1914, Chicago, 111.
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    Born November 7, 1884


    Norman Anderson Norman

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