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Albert Henry Angstman

Albert Henry Angstman, American judge. Member Naval Reserve Force, World War I. Trustee Montana Deaconess School, Montana Children’s Home and Hospital; Member American Legion.; Mason (past master); Club: Kiwanis (president 1932).


  • Angstman, Albert Henry was born on March 23, 1888 in Farmington, Minnesota, United States. Son of Jacob H. and Emma (Trout) Angstman.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Laws, St. Paul College of Law, 1912.


    • Admitted to bar, Minnesota and Montana, 1912, and began practice at Helena, Montana. Assistant attorney general of Montana, 1921-1928. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Montana for term, 1929-1935.

      Counsel Public Service communications of Montana, 1935-1937. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Montana, term 1937-1943, 1945-1946, from, 1956.


    The commitment of individual Christians to work for social and political change should be recognized as a fully legitimate form of Christian discipleship.


    The Gospel of Christ is the message that can lead one to salvation. It shows the essential steps that one must take to secure the goal that God wishes all to attain.

    Denomination: Methodist


    In a society where self-interest, acquisitiveness and individual happiness are often seen as the over-riding interests, the Church, and Christians within it, are called to witness meanings, values and purposes beyond ourselves.


    Member Naval Reserve Force, World War I. Trustee Montana Deaconess School, Montana Children’s Home and Hospital. Member American Legion. Mason (past master); Club: Kiwanis (president 1932).
    • Member of Masons; American Legion.


    • Married Mary Frances Chirgwin, September 16, 1919. Children: Albert C., Virginia Dawn (deceased), Dorothy May, Joan Frances.
    • father: Jacob H. Angstman
    • mother: Emma (Trout) Angstman
    • spouse: Mary Frances Chirgwin
    • children: Albert C. Angstman
    • Virginia Dawn Angstman (deceased)
    • Dorothy May Angstman
    • Joan Frances Angstman
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