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Walter Crosby BABCOCK

Walter Crosby BABCOCK, Secretary, Treasurer, United States Soldiers Home.


  • BABCOCK, Walter Crosby was born on August 16, 1370 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

  • Education

    • United States Military Academy, 1893. Army School of Line, 1913. Army Staff College, 1914.

      Army War College. 1920.


    • Robinson, Nebraska Second Lieutenant, 1893, First Lieutenant, 1899. Captain, 1901; Major, 1916. Member General Staff, 1916-1917.

      Lieutenant Colonel, 1917, Cavalry. Colonel, Infantry, National Army, 1917. Cavalry, since 1930. Quartermaster, Purchasing Officer, United States Soldiers Home, 1922-1923.

      Secretary, Treasurer, United States Soldiers Home, since 1922.


    Clubs: Army and Navy. Army Navy and Marine Corps, Country.


    • Spouse Mary Alice Bernard, March 12, 1896, Fort.
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