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Grace Greene BAKER

Grace Greene BAKER, American Chairman, City Recreation Commission. Member of League Women Voters; Daughters of American Revolution; Community Chest (Executive Committee).


  • BAKER, Grace Greene was born on October 21, 1864 in Bellevue, Ohio, United States. Daughter of William E. and Clara F. (Lathrop) Greene.

  • Education

    • Public School; private tutors.


    • Chairman, Recreation Commission, Mount Vernon, New York, since 1925. Trustee, Public Library, Mount Vernon, since 1917. President, Board, same, since 1925.

      Chairman, Westchester Company Red Cross, 1918-1919. President 1925, now member, Executive Committee, Children's Association co-operating with Public Department Child Welfare.


    Member of League Women Voters. Daughters of American Revolution. Community Chest (Executive Committee).

    Clubs: Westchester Womans (Mount Vernon), Womans City (New York.O.).


    • Spouse Herbert L. Baker, October 18, 1887, Fremont, O.
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    Born October 21, 1864