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Cortlandt Chesterfield Baughman

Cortlandt Chesterfield Baughman, American naval officer.


  • Baughman, Cortlandt Chesterfield was born on December 12, 1884 in West Newton, Pennsylvania, United States.

  • Education

    • United States Naval Academy, 1907. Naval War College; Chemical Warfare Course, Edgewood Arsenal.


    • Y.C. United States Ship Maine, Round the World Cruise, 1907-1908. United States Ship Wilmington, Chinese Waters. 1908-1910; United States Ship Colorado, Pacific Coast, 1910-1913.

      Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington, 1913-1914. Chief Engineer, United States Ship Maine, 1914-1915. Chief Engineer, United States Ship Chester, European Waters, 1915-1916.

      United States Ship Chester, 1916-1917, Commanding Officer. Member, Military Staff, Governor, Santo Domingo, 1917-1919. Member, Administered Department Public Improvements and Communications (including Post Office), Department of Agriculture and Immigration of Dominican Republic, 1917-1919.

      United States Ship Pennsylvania, 1919-1920. Chief Engineer, United States Ship Florida, 1920-1921. Bureau Engineering, Navy Department, 1921-1923.

      Naval Attache, Havana, Cuba, 1923-1924. Commanding Officer, United States Ship Farenholt, 1924-1926. Hydrographic Office, Washington, District of Columbia, 1927-1929.

      American Samoa, Captain of Yard, Yice-president, Bank American Samoa, Chairman, Water Commission, 1929-1930. 1930— Office of Naval Intelligence, Navy Department, Washington, Distric.


    • Clubs: New York Yacht. Army, Navy and Marine Corps Country.


    • Spouse Ruth D. Collett, April 12, 1922, N.
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    Died September 16, 1976
    (aged 91)


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