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Charles U. BECKER

Charles U. BECKER, American Secretary of State of Missouri. Member, Knights of Pythias.


  • BECKER, Charles U. was born on October 21, 1868 in New Haven, Missouri, United States. Son of Hermann and Sarah (Maupin) Becker.

  • Education

    • Public School; Cape Girardeau Normal.


    • Elected, Representative from Polk Company, Missouri to the Missouri Leg., 193 4. Re-elected, 1916. and 1918. Served in the 48. 49. and 50 General Assemblies, 1915, 1917.

      1919. Appointed, Secretary. Missouri Highway Commission. 1919-1921. Elected. Secy, of State of Missouri.

      1920 by the largest majority ever given a Secy, of State in Missouri. Re-elected, leading all Republic candidates on the State ticket in 1924. Again re-elected, 1928, leading the entire Republic State ticket.

      A contributor of short stories to magazines for many years.


    Member, Knights of Pythias.


    • Spouse Mary B. Tolson. May 13, 1920.
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    Born October 21, 1868