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Aberdeen Orlando Bowden

Aberdeen Orlando BOWDEN, American President, State Teachers College. Member, New Mexico Geographic Board, since 1926. Chairman, New Mexico Curriculum Commission, since 1930. Company- Author: Bibliographies in Educational Sociology, 1928; Consumers Uses of Arithmetic, 1929; To-morrow’s Americans, 1930. Member of Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Kappa; National Education Association; National Society for Study of Educational Sociology; Masons.


  • Bowden, Aberdeen Orlando was born on December 13, 1881 in Fulton, Kentucky, United States. Son of Isaiah and Malenda Agnes (Emerson) Bowden.

  • Education

    • University of Kentucky, Bachelor of Arts, 1908, Master of Arts, 1910. Harvard University, Master of Arts, 1912. University of Chicago.

      Columbia University, Doctor of Philosophy, 1929.


    • Principal high school, Maysville, 1908-1909, Henry County High School, Paris, Tennessee, 1909-1911, high school, Laurel, Montana, 1913-1914, Huron, South Dakot, 1914-1918, Huron Junior-Senior High School, 1918-1920. Superintendent city schools, Huron, 1920. Head of department and professor education and philosophy, Baylor College, Belton, Texas, 1920-1922.

      President New Mexico State Teachers’ College, 1922-1934. Head of department of anthropology, University of Southern California, and director California branch of School of America Research, since September 1934. Adviser Veterans Rehabilitation, Sawtelle, California.

      Director Jemez Field School of Archeology, summer 1935. Field work in anthropology in S.A., 1 semester. Was president New Mexico Ednl.

      Council; member board of control, School of America Research. Member National Illiteracy Commission, Geographical Board of New Mexico.


    When peaceful alternatives to resolve the conflict failed, the use of force may be the only option to check aggression or genocide.


    Creeds should be rejected as they may compromise a believer’s obligation to interpret the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    Denomination: Baptist


    Baptist Churches should organize delegations to different ecumenical conferences throughout the world and actively participate in the global inter-religious dialogues.


    Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Geographic Society. Member American Men of Science, National Education Association (commission on tenure), Save Our Schools Committee (nat.), American Academy of Political and Social Science, American Sociological Society, American Anthropol. Association, National Economic Council, National Society for Study of Ednl.

    Sociology, New Mexico Endl. Association (president 1928-1929), School Master’s. Mason.; Rotarian (governor 42d district 1932-1933).
    • Member, New Mexico Geographic Board, since 1926. Chairman, New Mexico Curriculum Commission, since 1930. Company- Author: Bibliographies in Educational Sociology, 1928. Consumers Uses of Arithmetic, 1929. To-morrow’s Americans, 1930. Member of Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Delta Kappa; National Education Association. National. Society for Study of Edl.


    • Married Katharine Kennan Marsh, August 21, 1913. Children: Gordon Townely, Anne Emerson.
    • father: Isaiah Bowden
    • mother: Malenda Agnes (Emerson) Bowden
    • spouse: Katharine Kennan Marsh
    • children: Gordon Townely Bowden
    • Anne Emerson Bowden
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    Born December 13, 1881
    Died February 10, 1946
    (aged 64)


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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