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Willis Winter Jr. Bradley

Willis W. Bradley, American state legislator. Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor, World War I; Silver Medal from Pope Pius XI; Silver Medal from Italian Red Cross for Messina Earthquake.


  • BRADLEY, Willis Winter Jr. was born on June 28, 1884 in Ransomville, New York, United States. Son of Willis W. and Sarah Anne (Johnson) Bradley.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, United States Naval Academy, 1907. Master of Science, George Washington University, 1914. Post graduate Ordnance and Gunnery, United States Navy, 1913-1915.

      Graduate of the Naval War College, 1938.


    • Commissioned ensign United States Navy, 1907, and advanced through grades to captain, 1933. Governor of Guam, 1929-1931. Retired, 1946.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Protestant


    Member of the Congress, 18th District of California, 1947-1949. Member assembly, California Legislature, 1952. Member board visitors United States Naval Academy, 1948.

    Member American Legion, Veterans Foreign Wars, American Veterans, Disabled American Veterans Army and Navy Union, United States of America, Military Order of Carabao, Naval Order of the United States, American Academy Political and Social Science. Mason (32°, Knights Templar, Shriner). Elk. Moose. National Sojourners (past national president).

    Clubs: Army and Navy, Army-Navy Country, Cosmos (Washington, District of Columbia).
    • Member, Masons. Club: Army, Navy and Marine Corps Country (Washington, District of Columbia).


    • Married Sue Worthington Cox, October 16, 1907. Children: Elizabeth (Mistress John Jay Earle), Sue (Mistress Bruce McCandless, Anne (Mistress Wallace H. Brucker), Josephine (Mistress Guy O. DeYoung).
    • father: Willis W. Bradley
    • mother: Sarah Anne (Johnson) Bradley
    • spouse: Sue Worthington Cox
    • children: Elizabeth Bradley (Mistress John Jay Earle)
    • Sue (Mistress Bruce McCandless Bradley
    • Anne Bradley (Mistress Wallace H. Brucker)
    • Josephine Bradley (Mistress Guy O. DeYoung)
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    Died August 27, 1954
    (aged 70)


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      • Elizabeth Bradley (Mistress John Jay Earle)
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      • Sue (Mistress Bruce McCandless Bradley
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      • Anne Bradley (Mistress Wallace H. Brucker)
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      • Sarah Anne (Johnson) Bradley
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