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Earle Godfrey Brown

Earle Godfrey Brown, American physician. Award, Assn; Award, Kan.


  • Brown, Earle Godfrey was born on December 16, 1887 in Thompsonville, Kansas, United States. Son of Richard Fletcher and Franc Mary (Brown) Brown.

  • Education

    • Student Baker U., 1907-1909. D.Sci. (honorary), 1949. Doctor of Medicine Northwestern University, 1913.


    • In private practice, 1914-1917. City health officer, Topeka, 1919-1925. Secretary, Executive officer, Kansas State Board of Health, 1925-1937.

      Health officer Arlington County, Virginia, 1937-1938. Health commissioner Nassau County (New York) Department of Health, 1938-1958.


    Peace making is the creative and positive quest for the well-being of humankind and the planet on which people live.


    Everyone needs salvation. Everyone can reach salvation.

    Denomination: Methodist


    All persons, regardless of age, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation, are entitled to have their human and civil rights ensured and to be protected against violence.


    Served sanitary detachment, 157th Infantry, United States Army, as First lieutenant and later captain, World War I. Received Arthur T. McCormack Award, Association of State Territorial Health Officers, 1952, The Samuel J. Crumbine Award, Kansas Public Health Association Former. Member of the American Medical Association, Nassau County Medical Society, New York State Medical Society, American Public Health Association (chairman health officers’ section 1941), Royal Society Health, American Medical Writers’ Association, American Legion, Forty and Eight, Alpha Omega Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu.


    • Married Camilla B. Pearson, June 20, 1914. Children: Richard Pearson, Josephine Camilla.
    • father: Richard Fletcher Brown
    • mother: Franc Mary (Brown) Brown
    • spouse: Camilla B. Pearson
    • children: Richard Pearson Brown
    • Josephine Camilla Brown
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    Died November 1, 1962
    (aged 74)



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