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Joseph Buffington

Joseph Buffington, American judge. Decorated Chevalier Order of the Golden Crown (Italian); Order of the White Lion (Czechoslovakia). Senior trustee Trinity (Connecticut) College; chairman Henry C. Frick Ednl. Common for endowment of public schools; member Carnegie Hero Commission. Member Psi Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa.


  • Buffington, Joseph was born on September 5, 1855 in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Ephrain and Margaret Chambers (Orr) Buffington.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Trinty College, Connecticut, 1875. Doctor of Laws, Lafayette College, 1915, also Trinty, University of Pittsburgh, Princeton, Washington and Jefferson College, Grove City College, Pennsylvania, Military College, Dickinson College. Doctor of Civil Law, Mount St. Mary’s College.


    • Admitted to bar, 1878. Practiced at Kittanning, Pennsylvania, 1878-1892. United States district judge, Western District Pennsylvania, 1892-1904.

      United States circuit judge, 3d Circuit, since September 21, 1906. Senior and presiding judge The United States of America Circuit Court of Appeals.


    Party affiliation: Republican


    Denomination: Episcopalian


    Member of Psi Upsilon. Phi Beta Kappa; Union League (Philadelphia). Club: Pittsburgh Athletic.
    • Member of Psi Upsilon. Phi Beta Kappa; Union League (Philadelphia). Club: Pittsburgh Athletic.


    • Married Mary Alice Simonton, January 29, 1885.
    • father: Ephrain Buffington
    • mother: Margaret Chambers (Orr) Buffington
    • spouse: Mary Alice Simonton
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    Died October 21, 1947
    (aged 92)


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