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Herman Niels BUNDESEN

Herman Niels BUNDESEN, American County Coroner. Member of American Medical Association (vice-Chairman); Hawaii. State Medical Society; Chicago Medical Society; American P.H. Association; Association of Military Surgeons; American College, of Physicians.


  • BUNDESEN, Herman Niels was born on April 27, 1862 in Berlin, Germany. Son of Herman Niels and Louise (Klein) Bundesen.

  • Education

    • Northwestern XT. Medical School. 1909, Doctor of Science, 1927. XJ.S. Army Medical School.

      Washington, Doctor of Medicine 1911.


    • 1909. Epidemiologist, Chicago Department of Health, 1913-1921, and of T.C.R.R., 1915 to date: Health Commissioner, Chicago, 1922-1927. Director of Health, Sanitary District. Chicago, 1928; Trustee, Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, Chicago, 1922-1926.

      Coroner, Cook Company, 111., 1930. Awarded Chicago Daily News prize of $1,000, 1926. President, American Public Health Association, 1927-1928.

      Surgeon, Major, University of the South Pacific Hari Singh Gour. Health Editor, Chicago Daily News.


    Member of American Medical Association (vice-Chairman). Hawaii. State Medical Society. Chicago Medical Society.

    American P.H. Association. Association of Military Surgeons. American College, of Physicians.


    • Spouse Rega Russell, March 6.
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    Born April 27, 1862