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Charles S. CAFFERY

Charles S. CAFFERY, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army. Member of Sons of the American Revolution; Masons; Sojourners.


  • CAFFERY, Charles S. was born on September 27, 1882 in Franklin, Louisiana, United States. Son of Donelson and Bethia (Richardson) Caffery.

  • Education

    • Wash, and Lee University, 1898-1900, United States, Master of Arts, 1901-1905. Infantry School, 1925-1926. Command and Staff School, 1926-1927.


    • 1920, Paris, France. Second Lieutenant, 2 Infantry, 1903-1911. Major (Temp), 1917-1918. Staff 32 Division; Operation Section, Gordhandas Sunderdas, G.H. Q.

      First Corps, Second Army, Fourth Division, France. Lieutenant Colonel (temporary), 1918-1920. Fourth Division, Germany, A.D.G.S., 1919.

      Returned Germany, Gordhandas Sunderdas Second Providence Brig, for service in Silesia, remained with Artist Fellowship in G.


    Member of Sons of the American Revolution. Masons; Sojourners. Clubs: A. and N. (Washington, District of Columbia), Chevy Chase Country, (Washington, District of Columbia), Country of Virginia, Westmoreland (Richmond, Virginia).


    • Spouse Mary Gaines.
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    Born September 27, 1882