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Archibald CAMPBELL

Archibald CAMPBELL, Brigadier General, United States Army. Member of Sigma Chi; Order of Dragon, China; Order of Carabao, Philippines; Aztec of Mexico City. Club: Army and Navy (Washington).


  • CAMPBELL, Archibald was born on July 16, 1865 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of John and Mary (Price) Campbell.

  • Education

    • United States.N.A.; Stevens Institute, of Technical. United States Military Academy. United States Art. School, Fort Monroe, Virginia.

      United States School of Submarine Defense, Fort Totten, New York.


    • C. Brigadier General, Assistant, to Adjutant General, 1929. Detailed Adjutant General Department, 1911-1916. Transferred to Adjutant General Department.

      1922; retired by operation of law, 1929. Adjutant General, Hawaiian Department, Honolulu, 1911-1916. Served in Spanish-American War, 1898, in Cuba and Porto Rico.

      China Relief Expedition, 1900. Philippine Insurrection in Luzon, 1900-1901. World War in the United States and France.


    Member of Sigma Chi; Order of Dragon, China. Order of Carabao, Philippines. Aztec of Mexico City.

    Club: Army and Navy (Washington).


    • Spouse Julia Defrees Sample, October 26, 1896, Washington, D.
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