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Ray P. Chase

Ray P. Chase, American lawyer. Member Alpha Delta Phi, Delta Sigma Rho.


  • Chase, Ray P. was born on March 12, 1880 in Anoka, Minnesota, United States. Son of Charles Edwin and Lena May (Giddings) Chase.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, University of Minnesota, 1903. Student University of Minnesota Law School, 1904-1905. B.L., St. Paul College of Law, 1919.


    • Engaged in printing public business, 1904-1915. State auditor and land commissioner of Minnesota, 1921-1931. Republican nominee for government of Minnesota, 1930.

      Ment. 73d Congress (1933-1935), Minnesota at large. Head Ray P. Chase Research Bureau with offices in Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Washington. Elected Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner of Minnesota November 7, 1944.


    God seeks to transform relationship with and between people. If politics is about how we choose to live together and to treat one another, there is surely a place for discerning the activity of God in politics.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    Through Jesus' death on the cross, and his resurrection, God has broken the power of all that is evil, in the world and in us.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Just as a human body contains different limbs and organs that depend on each other, so members of a Christian society should be close and caring enough to feel each other's pain and delight.


    Member Alpha Delta Phi, Delta Sigma Rho.


    • Married Lois McGaffey, November 30, 1910. Children: Lora Lee (Mistress C. M. Watson), Phyllis Patricia (Mistress S. J. Jablonski).
    • father: Charles Edwin Chase
    • mother: Lena May (Giddings) Chase
    • spouse: Lois McGaffey
    • children: Lora Lee Chase (Mistress C. M. Watson)
    • Phyllis Patricia Chase (Mistress S. J. Jablonski)
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    Born March 12, 1880
    Died September 18, 1948
    (aged 68)


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