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John Francis CONNOR

John Francis CONNOR, Commander United States Navy.


  • CONNOR, John Francis was born on April 28, 1882 in Hamilton, Ohio, United States.

  • Education

    • Elementary and High Schools, Hamilton, O. United States Naval Academy, 1906. Naval War College, 1922.


    • Served, United States Ship Kearsarge, 1906-1907, Kentucky, 1907-1909, North Carolina, 1910-1912, Chatta nooga, 1914-1915, Arkansas, 1915-1916, Machias, 1916-1917. Charge, Navy Recruiting and Hydrographic Offices, Buffalo, New York, 1912-1914. Commanding, United States Ship Yankton, Mediterranean Sea.

      1917-1918, served United States Mine Base, Inverness, Scotland, 1918, United States Ship Roanoke, 1918-1919, commanding Rowan, 1919, Delphy, 1919, Murray, 1919-1920, Reserve Destroyers, Philadelphia, 1921. Served, 4th Naval District, Philadelphia, 1922-1923. Command, United States Ship Thompson and 32nd Destroyer Division, 1923-1925, United States Ship Sapelo, 1928-1930.

      Served, 11th Naval District, San Diego, California, 1925-1928. Served Headquarters 3rd Naval District, New York, since 1930. Commissioned Ensign, 1908-1911, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, 1911-1912, Lieutenant, 1912-1917, Lieutenant Commander, 1917-1925, Commander, since 1925.


    Clubs: Army and Navy (Washington, District of Columbia). Racquet (Philadelphia). New York Yacht.
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    Born April 28, 1882